Mattel WWE Series 38 Pre-Orders Now Available!

The Mattel WWE Series 38 wrestling action figures are now available for PRE-ORDER at! While we can only speculate as to what they will look like right now, the set will include:
  • Sheamus
  • Vickie Guerrero
  • Chris Jericho
  • Kofi Kingston
  • The Miz
  • Dolph Ziggler

Sheamus has yet to return to the WWE, but speculation around Royal Rumble 2014 proves that anything is possible. Whether or not he will debut a new attire on television remains to be seen, but this release will most likely see standard Sheamus attire.

While taking a leave of absence from WWE, Chris Jericho works on other projects like a new podcast and his successful rock band, Fozzy. Fans were disappointed that Jericho’s new tattoo has not been featured on his wrestling action figures due to cross licensing issues. It is no telling, however, as to when or if Mattel works cross licensing issues out, so while there is usually no chance, Jerichoholics continue to speculate.

Dolph Ziggler has suffered from concussions recently and it has taken a toll on his career, bringing his leaps forward to a screeching halt. However, he remains a fan favorite and someone that die-hard wrestling enthusiasts wait to savor a big moment along with. This figure will most likely feature one of his colorful, elaborate, and very form fitting, wrestling trunk designs.

The Miz is a former World Champion and remains a mainstay on the WWE roster. Though he is not currently in title contention, he hopes to rekindle some contender fire at Royal Rumble 2014 and after changing facial hair styles, will probably have a newer look than his previous Mattel WWE basic series figures.

Kofi Kingston has sported long tights as of late when hopping into the squared circle and while it is too early to tell, it is entirely possible this Mattel WWE Series 38 Kofi Kingston figure will feature his new look and new attitude.

Vickie Guerrero has been sparsely seen since being drafted to Smackdown but she still makes an immediate presence felt when her trademark voice rings out in any arena around the world. Already having two Mattel WWE figures, the demand for an authority will keep Vickie Guerrero a hot commodity amongst wrestling figure collectors for years to come.

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