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Size Will Matter for a Mattel WWE Heavy Machinery Debut!!

Tucker and Otis have proven that they’re big, they’re bad, and they don’t take any guff from anyone, not on NXT or the expanded WWE roster! Since making a splash on the yellow brand, the team has catapulted into one of the most formidable teams in sports entertainment today. Now having served time on RAW and making their way to Smackdown, ‘Heavy Machinery’ are primed for Mattel WWE wrestling figures as they chase after championship gold.

Otis and Tucker have awesome physiques as they maintain larger than life personalities in the WWE. It’s no secret that they dominate together and show off wild eyes and intense movesets to defeat their opponents. With their awesome entrance jackets, they normally match when they’re kicking butt. These two partners have been featured with blue, yellow and black gear featuring their names, which would be perfect for a Mattel WWE Battle Packs set.

Another great matching look has Otis and Tucker featured with ‘Heavy’ designs in the front of their yellow singlets and ‘barbell’ designs, reminiscent of looks seen in the past on Owen Hart and Adam Bomb. These singlets give them a classic wrestler look that would be perfect for Mattel WWE figures.

Tucker has a unique look and would have a great Mattel WWE figure if he were featured with long hair, a husky physique and even this red and black Heavy Machinery singlet. He’s comparable to Otis, but slightly taller as he tears through the WWE roster. A first treatment of tucker would be great for a bigger body type and Elite articulation.

Otis also features a wildly shaped physique unlike any on the WWE roster. He’d be perfect for a new wrestling figure mold, a little stockier in his height but ready to take on any comers. Time will tell as to how Heavy Machinery will look, but in the meantime Tag Team gold is very likely in their future!

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