Get HARDCORE w/ the NEW 10 Piece Hardcore Accessories Playset!

Nobody, and we mean NOBODY, does wrestling action figure accessories like Ringside Collectibles! With the need for intensity and weaponry to be bigger and badder, the all new 10 Piece Hardcore Accessories Playset should wet some wrestling match whistles like never before!

This set will include stylized versions of some of your favorite accessories, providing all new ways to put the beat down on your favorite villainous wrestler…or your favorite heroic one! The set will include:

  • 2X4 with Nails
  • Loose roll of Barbed Wire
  • Barbed Wire Bat
  • Barbed Wire Board
  • Flaming 2×4 Wrapped in Barbed Wire
  • Bed of Thumbtacks
  • Handcuffs
  • Trash Can
  • Trash Can Lid
  • Shopping Cart

Plenty to chew on as this set features flames, nails, thumbtacks and barbed wire! Talking trash is now easier than ever before with the inclusion of a trash can, lid and shopping cart! Rounded out with handcuffs, this accessory playset brings hardcore weaponry to new heights! Check out some images below:

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