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Mattel WWE Elite 33 Has Two Words For Ya!

The Mattel WWE Elite 33 Series has rising Superstars, veterans and a few surprise legends that have already begun to have fans making a little noise!

Mattel WWE Elite 33 includes:

  • Batista (Bluetista)
  • Cesaro
  • X-Pac
  • Junkyard Dog
  • Seth Rollins
  • Roman Reigns


The long awaited release of the legendary Junkyard Dog surprised fans and collectors alike. With a spot on, canine likeness, Junkyard Dog looks as good as the days he brought some extra brutality to the wrestling world. Including a chain and star spangled tights, he’s not to be missed for old school WWE fans.

Cesaro has had a break out year, proving his giant status at WrestleMania XXX when winning the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. The statue is included with the Mattel WWE Elite 33 Cesaro, breakable for those who like to rough house and able to stand upright for those who like to display their accolades.

Before his days of backstabbing and turning on his loyal friends, Seth Rollins was one of the most trusted members of The Shield. Earning the Tag Team Championship with his partner Roman Reigns, it seemed as though the power of the group would never stop, and that’s clear with his Mattel WWE Elite 33 figure.

Perhaps most scorned by the betrayal of Seth Rollins is Roman Reigns, who held the WWE Tag Team Championship with is partner in real life and in Mattel WWE Elite 33. With a removable vest, his powerful physique can be showcased and he can prepare for the intense delivery of one of his patented spears.

The Mattel WWE Elite 33 Batista has a special nickname bestowed on both the figure and its real life counterpart. ‘Bluetista’ makes his Mattel WWE debut, complete with cool-as-can-be vest, hat and sunglasses. Fans may not like Batista, but he simply doesn’t care what they think and that’s proven with the latest Bluetista figure.

One of the most crucial and controversial members of D-Generation X, X-Pac had a successful run as European Champion and Tag Team Champion when returning to the WWE at the height of the Attitude Era. The glue that kept Triple H and the New Age Outlaws together, he often faced off with opponents twice his size and used his athletic ability to triumph. Despite drawing ire from fans for turning on his best friend Kane, the WWE Universe has learned to look upon X-Pac fondly with time and are excited for his Mattel WWE Elite 33 release!

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