Mattel WWE Elite 40 Now Available for Pre-Order!

Like lighting striking the WWE action figure collection universe, Mattel WWE Elite Series 40 has finally arrived with new images and is now up for PRE-ORDER! Mattel WWE Elite 40 includes:

  • Sami Zayn
  • Umaga
  • Tyson Kidd
  • IRS
  • Rick Rude
  • John Cena

Sami Zayn has been injured after an amazing match with John Cena that he gave his all, but he ha finally returned in Mattel WWE Elite 40! With tights that reflect his latest and greatest wrestling attire yet, fans are going InZayn over this figure before it’s even released, thanks in part to his Mattel WWE NXT Championship belt!

John Cena is the United States Champion both in life and in the Mattel WWE Elite 40 series. With his electric blue hat and gear to reflect his time as United States Champion and feud with Rusev, John Cena is a staple in the Mattel WWE Elite 40 set that the entire CeNation can count on.

Make sure you get ALL of your taxes done! Irwin R. Schyster aka IRS finally  makes his Mattel WWE wrestling figure debut, with a Mattel WWE Elite 40 IRS action figure. With his signature red suspenders and glasses, IRS knows finances unlike anyone to ever enter a WWE wrestling ring. Legendary, there is no one quite like IRS, especially not with a CPA certification.

You know as soon as the dance begins, it can’t be anybody else but Rick Rude! Finally returning in the Mattel WWE Elite Series for the first time since the WWE Legends line, Rick Rude makes for one of the most memorable Flashbacks in a great while. With a removable robe that would make Ric Flair jealous, an incredible physique and amazing athleticism, many will never forget the ‘Ravishing’ one.

Tyson Kidd is on the road to recovery, but he makes a quick return in Mattel WWE Elite 40 with a jacket and removable headphones. This athletic WWE Superstar is one that fans not only are awaiting the return of as quickly as possible, but one that they can’t wait to get their hands on in action figure form. Natalya will no doubt be first in line for a Mattel WWE Elite 40 Tyson Kidd figure, but the WWE Universe will be right behind her.

The legendary Umaga, terrifying in size and in stature, returns to the WWE line in Mattel WWE Elite 40. Ready for any sort of brutal four corners match or just to dominate in regular singles competition, Umaga may be gone but he is not forgotten and this excellently detailed rendition of the late WWE Legend makes that clear.

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