Mattel WWE Elite 35 Shakes the Ground!

The Mattel WWE Elite 35 has finally been revealed, and made available for pre-order! Shaking the WWE figure collector universe to their core, the series includes one MASSIVE legend and other long awaited WWE Superstars! Mattel WWE Elite 35 includes:

  • Luke Harper
  • Diego (Los Matadores)
  • Fernando (Los Matadores)
  • Randy Orton
  • Triple H
  • Earthquake


Diego and Fernando of Los Matadores burst on to the Mattel WWE Elite tag team scene with their first full articulated figures! Now those with El Torito figures can wave their accessories around and let him run right through as they prepare for a tag team matchup! With authentic matador style clothing masks, it’s no telling who this prime, epic tag team actually is!

Juggling gators with his bare hands in the swamp, Luke Harper is ,no stranger to a bayou full of danger. The latest Mattel WWE Elite Luke Harper brings him closer to being out on his own as he still maintains an everlasting alliance to his ‘family,’ the Wyatt Family. Luckily, his alligator accessories are wrapped up with no chance of a bite.

After a resurgence with Evolution, Randy Orton has had a difficult time choosing sides in most conflicts within the WWE. One thing is clear, the Viper will continue to strike & defeat those around him with a fierce vengeance. His latest Mattel WWE Elite offering includes a removable Evolution shirt.

Love him or hate him, its’ always best for business for the COO Triple H to get back into the ring! Because of this, his latest Mattel WWE Elite includes entrance gear fit for the King of Kings and Triple H in his wrestling attire. Now Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, or anyone he wants to suppress won’t stand a chance.

One half of the Natural Disasters, the legendary Earthquake is the Mattel WWE Elite 35 Flashback! Including a snake accessory and perfectly spot on ring attire, he can cause an apocalypse of excitement for Mattel WWE Elite collectors, especially those who enjoy legends. Painted chest hair and a perfect head sculpt are only a few of the excellent details in this Mattel WWE Elite figure. Earth shattering doesn’t even begin to describe the arrival of Earthquake!

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