GLORIOUSNESS is in YOUR Hands with the Mattel WWE Entrance Greats Bobby Roode!

Glorious! Bobby Roode’s impact is felt far and wide as he makes his way into the Mattel WWE series with Entrance Greats! With his first ever Mattel WWE figure treatment, he is clearly a memorable one.

Now that Bobby Roode will shift to WWE Monday Night RAW as a a staple of the show, the entire WWE Universe will see his GLORIOUS entrance like never before. This figure has an incredible removable robe with black and white shine. With studded ‘Roode’ ring gear, the Glorious One also includes an entrance base that plays his entrance music at the press of a button! Fully poseable and with Elite articulation,  he’s ready to rise to the top of the ranks and be the face of your wrestling action figure brand!

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