Find Ringside Collectibles at Axxess & Win the First Shawn Michaels Exclusive Figure!

Shawn Michaels HBK Ringside Collectibles Exclusive

Shawn Michaels HBK Ringside Collectibles Exclusive

Here at Ringside Collectibles we just received the very first sample piece off the production line of our upcoming HBK Shawn Michaels Mattel Elite Flashback Exclusive Figure and it can be YOURS if you’re attending WrestleMania Axxess in San Jose this Saturday!

How to win:

1) Attend the 1 PM WrestleMania Axxess Session on Saturday 3/28/15.

2) Find Ringside Collectibles YouTube Host Nick along with Bill Miekina from the Mattel Design Team somewhere near the Elimination Chamber at 2:30 PM.

3) Tell Nick the password “Heartbreak Kid”

4) One winner will be chosen in a random drawing shortly after 2:30 PM among all eligible fans who can find Nick at Axxess and tell him the password.

5) Winner must be present shortly after 2:30 PM during the drawing or else a new winner will be selected.

6) A limited number of drawing tickets will be available.


Good Luck!!!

NXT Takes Over the Mattel WWE Wrestling Figure Line!


The popularity of NXT is swelling so big, that rumors of the WWE’s underground brand hitting the road and performing across the United States continue to get bigger and bigger. With superstars showing off their incredible skill and creating can’t miss shows weekly, NXT has become a huge hit amongst fans looking for a different type of wrestling flavor from what WWE usually offers. With this demand, fans are clamoring for their Mattel WWE action figures as well. Mattel has alleviated some of the pressure by peppering in some NXT Superstars to upcoming Mattel WWE wrestling figure lines. Here are some who have already made the cut, and some who are sure to follow: Mattel WWE Series 50 Sami Zayn! Sami Zayn debuts as the first ever Mattel WWE NXT figure in Mattel WWE Series 50! Anything but generic, this NXT Superstar is filled with athletic ability and personality. With a spot on head sculpt and ring tights that include the Sami Zayn symbols and correct color patterns, the Mattel NXT wrestling figures are off to a great start. Mattel WWE NXT Kevin Owens figure! Kevin Owens has taken WWE NXT by storm, capturing the NXT Championship with his first title shot and taking his aggression out on big WWE Superstars like Alex Riley. With rumors of Kevin Owens’ merchandise sales shooting through the roof, his Mattel WWE NXT figure is sure to follow. His popularity amongst independent wrestling fans makes the possibility even more plausible. It’s only a matter of time before Kevin Owens’ Mattel WWE NXT figure aggressively makes its’ way into the line.Mattel WWE NXT Tyler Breeze wrestling action figure! Tyler Breeze will finally be able to look at himself in wrestling action figure form with his upcoming Mattel WWE NXT wrestling figure! With a smirk on his face and a selfie on the way, Breeze will be the second Mattel WWE NXT wrestling figure made. Included are his boot cuffs, purple ring tights and wrapped hands with colors coordinated. It’s difficult to imagine someone so handsome entering the Mattel WWE line, but NXT will bring that with Tyler Breeze. Mattel WWE Charlotte Flair wrestling figure! Charlotte Flair is easily wrestling royalty as she is the daughter of WWE Legend & arguably one of the greatest of all time, the Nature Boy Ric Flair. She has made a major mark in NXT, winning the NXT Women’s Championship & putting on amazing matches with WWE Superstars like Natalya. Only a matter of time before she’s ready for the big times of the WWE, Charlotte Flair’s Mattel WWE NXT figure would have to come sooner rather than later and may be the next Mattel WWE figure to come with the NXT Women’s championship other than Paige. To see all Mattel WWE items available for pre-order click here!

Hulk Hogan is AMERICAN MADE in the next Mattel WWE Ringside Collectibles Exclusive!

Get ready to run wild, Hulkamaniacs! Hulk Hogan has been announced as the next Mattel WWE Ringside Collectibles Exclusive! The ‘American Made’ version of Hulk Hogan will come with a bandana, white ‘American Made’ shirt, new headsculpt and removable chain accessory!

This is a classic Hulk Hogan look, showcasing a man who is truly ‘American Made’ and giving Hulk Hogan fans everywhere a chance to own a version of the Hulkster that was extremely popular. The figure is expected for release exclusively at sometime in the middle of 2015.

See images of the Mattel WWE Ringside Collectibles Exclusive American Made Hulk Hogan below!

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Super Toy Con 2015 Offers Looks at TONS of New Mattel WWE Figures!


The Super Toy Con 2015 had a last minute addition that made wrestling figure fans as happy as possible. Mattel’s Bill Miekina showed off tons of surprise new items from the Mattel WWE wrestling figure line and collectors couldn’t have been more pleased. With looks at brand new version of current roster superstars and some legendary surprises, fans will be looking forward to everything Mattel has to release for WWE throughout the upcoming year.

See the images from the event below including upcoming figures like Stephanie McMahon, a Mattel WWE Four Horseman Four Pack, Stardust’s debut Mattel WWE figure, the future of the Mattel WWE line with NXT superstars, a long awaited Mattel WWE Tito Santana, Ringside’s next Mattel WWE Exclusive and more!

When these figures become available, find them in the pre-orders section here!

Mattel WWE Series 50 Has Veteran & NXT Presence!

The Mattel WWE Series 50 marks the milestone of 50 Mattel WWE Series sets with a great mix of modern WWE Superstars and even an NXT standout! The Mattel WWE Series 50 includes:

  • Goldust
  • Adam Rose
  • Summer Rae
  • Sami Zayn
  • Daniel Bryan
  • Seth Rollins

Yet to be revealed, Goldust is the veteran of the Mattel WWE Series 50, with almost 20 years since his original WWE debut. That being the case, speculation can run rampant as to whether or not this Goldust may be a classic version of the bizarre one, but many will just as happy with a modern version of the leader of #TeamGoldie.

The Rosebuds are ready to follow their leader! Adam Rose dances his way to the ring with the most carefree attitude in the history of the wrestling business! His Mattel WWE debut looks a little more ready for a fight than even the real Adam Rose, but still with plenty of style and ready for party time…all the time!

The Total Divas’ most valuable player if you’re deciding based on creating controversy, Summer Rae is a gorgeous beauty many fans of the show love to hate. Since her debut with Fandango, Mattel WWE figure collectors, particularly the ones who love to collect Divas, have been waiting for her figure to be released. They finally get their wish as she debuts with red ring gear, black boots and a huge smile.

Since Seth Rollins betrayal of The Shield, his new, X-Men inspired look has been highly anticipated for a release by many Mattel WWE wrestling figure fans. The modern style of Seth Rollins finally gets released with a painted belt and silver rims on his boots. Evil doesn’t begin to describe this once vigilant personality beloved by fans.

Former NXT champion Sami Zayn will go down in history as the first active member of the NXT locker room to receive a Mattel WWE wrestling figure! Fans of WWE’s sub-brand are thrilled to see the talented Zayn debut with a figure that’s anything but generic. His open mouth and excited demeanor reflects that of many fans who have been clamoring for any NXT figures at all.

A long, difficult road was made a bit more uncomfortable for Daniel Bryan at the 2015 Royal Rumble, but fans still love the leader of the Yes! Movement and will not rest until he regains the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. This is a perfect Daniel Bryan for anyone who is looking to reignite the fire of the beard. It also has another great ring gear design from the GOAT faced wonder that it’s difficult to dislike.

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Mattel WWE Elite 35 Shakes the Ground!

The Mattel WWE Elite 35 has finally been revealed, and made available for pre-order! Shaking the WWE figure collector universe to their core, the series includes one MASSIVE legend and other long awaited WWE Superstars! Mattel WWE Elite 35 includes:

  • Luke Harper
  • Diego (Los Matadores)
  • Fernando (Los Matadores)
  • Randy Orton
  • Triple H
  • Earthquake


Diego and Fernando of Los Matadores burst on to the Mattel WWE Elite tag team scene with their first full articulated figures! Now those with El Torito figures can wave their accessories around and let him run right through as they prepare for a tag team matchup! With authentic matador style clothing masks, it’s no telling who this prime, epic tag team actually is!

Juggling gators with his bare hands in the swamp, Luke Harper is ,no stranger to a bayou full of danger. The latest Mattel WWE Elite Luke Harper brings him closer to being out on his own as he still maintains an everlasting alliance to his ‘family,’ the Wyatt Family. Luckily, his alligator accessories are wrapped up with no chance of a bite.

After a resurgence with Evolution, Randy Orton has had a difficult time choosing sides in most conflicts within the WWE. One thing is clear, the Viper will continue to strike & defeat those around him with a fierce vengeance. His latest Mattel WWE Elite offering includes a removable Evolution shirt.

Love him or hate him, its’ always best for business for the COO Triple H to get back into the ring! Because of this, his latest Mattel WWE Elite includes entrance gear fit for the King of Kings and Triple H in his wrestling attire. Now Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, or anyone he wants to suppress won’t stand a chance.

One half of the Natural Disasters, the legendary Earthquake is the Mattel WWE Elite 35 Flashback! Including a snake accessory and perfectly spot on ring attire, he can cause an apocalypse of excitement for Mattel WWE Elite collectors, especially those who enjoy legends. Painted chest hair and a perfect head sculpt are only a few of the excellent details in this Mattel WWE Elite figure. Earth shattering doesn’t even begin to describe the arrival of Earthquake!

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The Heartbreak Kid is Back! Shawn Michaels is the Next Mattel WWE Ringside Exclusive!

Some think he’s cute. He knows he’s sexy. And he’s arguably the greatest in-ring performer of all time! Shawn Michaels, the one and only Heartbreak Kid, is the latest Mattel WWE Ringside Collectibles Exclusive! With a throwback look that includes his first turn as one of the ‘bad boys’ of the WWE, Shawn Michaels is a one of a kind legend that had ability, look and skill represented well in this exclusive.

With exclusive Elite Flashback packaging, this has been crafted to represent Shawn Michaels personality at the time of his early stages in his career. The white and red & black zebra pattern reflect a cocky, self-absorbed talent!

With a new, spot on head sculpt with perfect ‘fluffed’ hair, this Shawn Michaels plans on breaking hearts wherever he goes. He also includes removable sunglasses just like the ones HBK used to wear regularly and a removable, stylish jacket. On the front are some loosened belt straps, and on the back, a statement that has never been truer for Shawn Michaels, ‘I’m Too Sexy For This Crowd.’

Joining the ranks of the Mattel WWE Ringside Collectibles Exclusives, representing many favorite WWE Superstars with iconic looks and available only at, HBK is the definitive ‘boy toy’ as he looks to start administering Sweet Chin Music at the beginning of a long, illustrious career.

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Ring Rope Tutorial for the WWE Authentic Scale Ring! How To Put on and change Ring Ropes!

Checkout our tutorial video on how to put on or change out your WWE Authentic Scale Ring Ropes!  We have 6 different color replacement ropes for you to choose from!

Legendary Tag Teams Invade WWE RAW!

The Ascension Mattel WWE Wrestling Action Figures!

The Ascension Mattel WWE Wrestling Action Figures!

The Ascension have been running their mouths for weeks since debuting on the WWE roster. With their bizarre looks and hulking physiques, they are using their words and intense actions to try and prove to the WWE Universe that they are destined to be one of the most memorable tag teams of all time. This drew the ire of some of the most memorable tag teams of all time as the nWo, New Age Outlaws and APA (Acolyte Protection Agency) decided to stop The Ascension short. With regular appearances on WWE TV, The Ascension Mattel WWE wrestling figures are likely on their way. Now that they’ve helped these legendary tag team players introduce themselves to an entirely new fan base, they should likely be given new Mattel WWE figures as well.

Mattel WWE nWo Action Figures!

Mattel WWE nWo Action Figures!

The three ‘Outsiders’ known as the ‘Wolf Pac’ in the early stages of the nWo takeover in WCW, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Syxx, have received Mattel WWE Elite incarnations at this point. The only one who has received a figure that can be argued as a member of the nWo, however, is Kevin Nash. Big Sexy’s red ring attire that he made famous in WCW has been produced by Mattel, but as a life-long nWo member, including being the ‘good guy’ nWo Red and Black leader, there are plenty of styles and colors that could bring an additional nWo Kevin Nash Mattel WWE wrestling figure. Scott Hall has yet to receive his first Mattel WWE figure treatment as the ‘Bad Guy,’ but with his Mattel WWE Defining Moments Razor Ramon figure having been produced, a Mattel WWE Scott Hall can’t be far behind. Syxx has appeared as X-Pac of D-Generation X, but could also appear as X-Pac, nWo 2002 member or as Syxx, nWo Black and White member.

Mattel WWE APA Wrestling Action Figures!

Mattel WWE APA Wrestling Action Figures!

Farooq & Bradshaw joined together as members of the Ministry of Darkness and eventually broke off to become the Acolyte Protection Agency. Since they are life long best friends and continue to dish out their unique brand of ass-kicking, the APA will, surprisingly and excitedly, have Mattel WWE figures in Elite 38. Rumored to included a door accessory and hopefully throwing back to their original looks, Farooq and Bradshaw will keep strong and continue their protection services.

Mattel WWE New Age Outlaws Wrestling Action Figures!

Mattel WWE New Age Outlaws Wrestling Action Figures!

The Road Dogg Jesse James and the Bad Ass Billy Gunn are staples in the DX Army, but they have continued to cement themselves as one of the best WWE Tag Teams of all time as the New Age Outlaws. One of the only classic tag teams to be active on the modern day WWE roster, the Outlaws have wrestled great matches with The Usos, Goldust & Stardust and more. With The Ascension now seemingly in their sights, new Mattel WWE Elite New Age Outlaws action figures with their modern day looks and wrestling attire seem to be no brainers. This legendary Tag Team will keep on fighting, and continue to shout ‘Oh You Didn’t Know?’ as they enter into arenas.

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The Mattel WWE Elite 35 and Mattel WWE Elite 38 Lineups Revealed!

Mattel WWE wrestling figure fans have been treated to a few surprise line-ups to speculate on for upcoming sets! Coming out of nowhere like an RKO, two future Mattel WWE Elite sets now have confirmed lineups.

Mattel WWE Elite Series 35!

Mattel WWE Elite Series 35!

The Mattel WWE Elite 35 set includes:

  • Triple H
  • Earthquake
  • Diego (Los Matadores)
  • Fernando (Los Matadores)
  • Luke Harper
  • Randy Orton

With The Authority back in power, Triple H’s iron grip over the top of the WWE pile continues. An Elite Triple H may include a fully articulated suit version of the Cerebral Assassin, but it’s also possible he hops back into wrestling attire so he’s ring ready.

The classic and legendary Earthquake, a WWE Superstar with an unmatched size and intimidation factor, gets his first Mattel WWE figure treatment here. Much to the delight of Mattel WWE figure collectors, this figure will finally make its massive debut.

Luke Harper has been lurking in the shadows all his own since breaking off from the Wyatt Family. His evil, intense demeanor has only become more corrupt and his latest Mattel WWE Elite figure will likely reflect that. He still chooses rags over the look of riches like his sell out peer Seth Rollins, though.

Fernando and Diego of Los Matadores have stayed causing mischief in the WWE Tag Team scene with their little pal, El Torito. With elaborate entrance gear and an unmatched strangeness, the over the top style of Diego and Fernando with pink ring attire and masks will now have full Elite articulation.

Randy Orton has been sparingly featured on WWE television as of late, and fans don’t seem to know which side he truly stands for. But just like his patented move the RKO, no one ever seems to know where or when he will strike. A new Randy Orton will likely have a new take on the head sculpt of The Viper.

Mattel WWE Elite 38 Lineup!

Mattel WWE Elite 38 Lineup!

Also revealed is the Mattel WWE Elite 38 lineup! It includes:

  • Daniel Bryan
  • Adam Rose
  • WCW Macho Man Randy Savage
  • Roman Reigns
  • APA Faarooq
  • APA Bradshaw

Daniel Bryan will make his triumphant return at the WWE Royal Rumble 2015, but he never left the hearts or minds of fans in the Yes! Movement. Leading the charge against The Authority, a new Mattel WWE Elite Daniel Bryan could possibly have a new, spot on head sculpt and definitely a colorful, American Dragon inspired attire. Time will tell if it will be based on his Royal Rumble return.

Adam Rose makes his Mattel WWE Elite debut with no sign of any Rosebuds, but definitely a thirst for fun and partying. Fans speculate that the figure might come with a vest, a Bunny suit, or even a removable lollipop for the eccentric WWE Superstar.

The internet wrestling community have turned their backs on Roman Reigns, but the rest of the world has embraced him as the next ‘big thing’ in wrestling. With a devastating spear and powerful move set, his aggression connects with young fans and his good looks connect with the ladies. His latest will likely be wrestling attire ready as he breaks away from The Shield all on his own.

With the announcement of the induction of the Macho Man Randy Savage into the WWE Hall of Fame, his latest Mattel WWE Elite will be a WCW representation of the iconic superstar. With so many different styles and colors to choose from, it would be an exciting surprise as to what the Macho Man himself will look like when he was working for the biggest wrestling company in the world.

The Acolytes, Faarooq and Bradshaw, broke away from the Undertaker to create their own protection agency for any WWE Superstars that needed protection from overwhelming odds. Sticking up for the little guy, playing cards and drinking beer, these two no nonsense ass-kickers set up their own ‘office’ with a door, which is rumored to be included as an accessory. One of the most memorable WWE tag teams of all time, they had a penchant for punching and their first Mattel WWE Elite figures will pack a punch as well.

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