Bury Your Opponent With the Ringside Collectibles Exclusive Casket Playset!

Wrestling fans have seen it many times over the years. Opponents can’t seem to end their grudges with each other, looking for different styles of matches to have complete and total finality and end their feuds once and for all. No match has ever offered that quite like a Casket Match. Ringside Collectibles offers the exclusive Casket Playset, complete with accessories that are perfect for burying battling opponents once and for all.

Coming in both black and silver colors, the playset includes a casket, shovel, breakable tombstone and an urn for those mystifying competitors.

The casket fits even the largest competitors, so Superstars from Hornswoggle to The Great Khali can meet their doom at the hands of a worthy opponent. Both doors open and close and the inside includes a a ‘real feel’ material!

Finally, fans can create their own world of darkness when using their wrestling figures. If the morbid is less their style, a good old fashioned fight with these items can take place as well, just like Stone Cold and The Rock and many that have faced off before them!

A Ringside Collectibles Exclusive Casket Playset is the perfect item for an collector looking to help their defeated figures rest…in…peace.

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Mattel WWE Elite 33 Has Two Words For Ya!

The Mattel WWE Elite 33 Series has rising Superstars, veterans and a few surprise legends that have already begun to have fans making a little noise!

Mattel WWE Elite 33 includes:

  • Batista (Bluetista)
  • Cesaro
  • X-Pac
  • Junkyard Dog
  • Seth Rollins
  • Roman Reigns


The long awaited release of the legendary Junkyard Dog surprised fans and collectors alike. With a spot on, canine likeness, Junkyard Dog looks as good as the days he brought some extra brutality to the wrestling world. Including a chain and star spangled tights, he’s not to be missed for old school WWE fans.

Cesaro has had a break out year, proving his giant status at WrestleMania XXX when winning the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. The statue is included with the Mattel WWE Elite 33 Cesaro, breakable for those who like to rough house and able to stand upright for those who like to display their accolades.

Before his days of backstabbing and turning on his loyal friends, Seth Rollins was one of the most trusted members of The Shield. Earning the Tag Team Championship with his partner Roman Reigns, it seemed as though the power of the group would never stop, and that’s clear with his Mattel WWE Elite 33 figure.

Perhaps most scorned by the betrayal of Seth Rollins is Roman Reigns, who held the WWE Tag Team Championship with is partner in real life and in Mattel WWE Elite 33. With a removable vest, his powerful physique can be showcased and he can prepare for the intense delivery of one of his patented spears.

The Mattel WWE Elite 33 Batista has a special nickname bestowed on both the figure and its real life counterpart. ‘Bluetista’ makes his Mattel WWE debut, complete with cool-as-can-be vest, hat and sunglasses. Fans may not like Batista, but he simply doesn’t care what they think and that’s proven with the latest Bluetista figure.

One of the most crucial and controversial members of D-Generation X, X-Pac had a successful run as European Champion and Tag Team Champion when returning to the WWE at the height of the Attitude Era. The glue that kept Triple H and the New Age Outlaws together, he often faced off with opponents twice his size and used his athletic ability to triumph. Despite drawing ire from fans for turning on his best friend Kane, the WWE Universe has learned to look upon X-Pac fondly with time and are excited for his Mattel WWE Elite 33 release!

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Ringside Fest 2014 Recap!

Another Ringside Fest has come and gone, this time with an all-star WWE lineup and some amazing looks at upcoming Mattel WWE wrestling figures! Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, The Bella Twins, Goldust & Stardust all had a great time at the event, signing autographs and taking pictures for fans as they got to see the newest Mattel WWE toys.

A Mattel WWE Defining Moments Hulk Hogan had fans oohing, ahhing and getting excited to let Hulkamania run wild as they finally get their hands on the Hulkster himself. The figure comes with a cloth shirt, old-school WWE Championship, bandana & chain, making a perfect first representation of Hogan as he enters the Mattel WWE line. He was also present at the event in WWE basic forms, both classic style and modern day style!

Dean Ambrose, who signed autographs at the event and met tons of fans, got a first look at his newest Mattel WWE figure, complete with street-fighting look that he has made famous since the disbandment of The Shield.

Fans of the ‘Bad Guy’ Scott Hall were treated to another look at the upcoming Mattel WWE Defining Moments Razor Ramon figure, complete in purple attire and ready to flick tooth picks at opponents!

Overall, Ringside Fest 2014 was a great success and fans were treated to closer looks of Mattel WWE figures that they didn’t get to see up close at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. The fans were happy, the WWE Superstars were happy and Ringside Collectibles was thrilled to have so many loyal customers, fans and friends at Carolines on Broadway in New York City!

See more images below!


HULKAMANIA Finally Runs Wild With Mattel & WWE!

Hulkamania has finally arrived. Since Hulk Hogan’s return to the WWE family nearly a year ago, fans have been clamoring for Mattel WWE Hulk Hogan figures. We have been treated to looks at them, but they are finally beginning to roll out in different forms with spot on, accurate Mattel WWE figures. The first Mattel WWE Hulk Hogan figure shown at San Diego Comic-Con turned out to be part of the Defining Moments line.

With a classic style, bandana, old-school WWE Championship belt and a spot on version of the Hulkster, wrestling figure collectors freaked out when they finally got to see the finished product at Ringside Fest 2014.

Also on display at Ringside Fest 2014 was a Mattel WWE Hulk Hogan figure in basic style. For fans of the basic series of figures, they will be getting their version of Hogan just as Elite collectors will receive theirs.

Probably the most surprising version of Hulk Hogan was his Mattel WWE Signature Series figure. Complete with sunglasses, red Hulkamania shirt and a modern day look, fans couldn’t believe it when they saw a version of Hulk Hogan that reflected his current look. Anyone looking to make Hulk Hogan their wrestling figure General Manager can do so with delight.

With great versions of Mattel WWE Hulk Hogan figures both past and present, fans are wondering what looks they might come up with next either from Hogan’s storied career thus far, or what may be coming in the future.

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Seth Rollins Does Whatever He Can To Rise

Seeing an opportunity to gain the power, fame, fortune and glory of any WWE Superstar before him and trying to make it better and bigger than ever, Seth Rollins made a deal with the devil to become the ‘Plan B’ for the WWE Authority. Turning on his Shield brethren Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, he chose the easy way out and the path to the top that only a coward would choose. However, he let everyone know he is no coward and was actually more of a genius for taking an approach that would lead him to immediate strength and victory with the help of The Authority. With the wrestling ability to back up his two-faced plans, Seth Rollins threw away his Shield stylings and opted for a newer, futuristic look as he stepped forward. Fans immediately wanted a Mattel WWE Seth Rollins figure that feature his new, flexible chest plate and ring attire.

Seth Rollins flaunts his Money in the Bank Briefcase!

Looking similar to a super hero, or more appropriately, a super villain, Seth Rollins captured the Money in the Bank briefcase with the help of The Authority and was immediately catapulted to the top of the WWE mountain. His attire shows off a darker, more intense side, one that doesn’t take kindly to criticisms of his decisions and one that will stop at nothing to gain any advantage in becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion. A massive, silver buckled belt makes Rollins look as though he deserves something even more prestigious around his waist.

Seth Rollins looks to cash in his Money in the Bank Briefcase!

When the action gets too intense for even Seth Rollins to handle, his upper body gear is then removed and he looks to compete with just ring tights and gloves. Whether or not Mattel can manage such a skin-tight removable upper body piece remains to be seen, but they will likely create a molded piece for Seth Rollins and a possible alternate version that is ring ready at any time. Either way, Seth Rollins new Mattel WWE figures will be highly sought after by fans who are looking to gain a sneaky competitor in their Mattel WWE collection.

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The Mattel WWE ‘Rated R’ Edge Exclusive!

The Mattel WWE Ringside Collectibles Exclusive Rated-R Edge!

‘You think you know me’ blasts through arenas around the world and after an explosion of noise and gust of intensity, the Rated R Superstar Edge enters the arena! With a career sadly cut short due to the possibility of injury, Edge will always be remembered for his underhanded tactics, stop-at-nothing ability to get what he wanted and tactics that were generally considered too hot for TV. The Mattel WWE Ringside Collectibles Exclusive Rated-R Edge captures the Rated R Superstar at his pique, carrying his very own customized WWE Championship and ready to take on any challengers, no matter what it takes to defeat them.

The Mattel WWE Ringside Collectibles Exclusive Rated-R Edge!

With sunglasses, accurate Rated-R attire and a jacket that only he could wear to such a stylish degree, this Edge exclusive looks just like the real thing. Accessories, tattoos and spot on sculpts create a version of Edge like never before and one that fans can display, collect or add as an active member of the wrestling figure federations.

The Mattel WWE Ringside Collectibles Exclusive Rated-R Edge!

With a smirk and the thought process to use any means necessary to gain the WWE Championship, the obsessive Edge carried a craze and style that delivered plenty of intense matches and a spear finishing move that was unmatched. It was all for the glory of the WWE Championship, customized for the Rated-R Superstar in this Mattel WWE Edge Exclusive.

The Mattel WWE Ringside Collectibles Exclusive Rated-R Edge!

Edge may no longer be an active wrestler, but his legacy lives on. From intense, wide eyed promos to incredibly unmatched wrestling ability, he will forever be remembered as one of the most controversial WWE Superstars of all time.

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The Dominant Brock Lesnar Cannot Be Defeated

Brock Lesnar has had what is arguably the most successful year in the history of professional wrestling. At WrestleMania XXX, he shocked the entire world and stopped The Undertaker dead in his tracks, destroying his streak and killing his WrestleMania momentum much to the chagrin of the WWE Universe. His Mattel WWE Elite 30 figure captures the version of Brock who took down the legendary streak perfectly.

The Mattel WWE Elite 30 Brock Lesnar!

This modern day, destructive Brock does not fear anyone in the WWE locker room and more importantly, does not fear a single thing on Earth. After making work of The Undertaker, he disappeared into the woods and reappeared to capture the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from John Cena. The WWE Universe was shocked once again as The Beast manhandled Cena, making him look like he  would never return from the loss. The Authority presented Brock with a new WWE World Heavyweight Championship and declared a new era had begun.

The Authority presents Brock Lesnar with his new WWE World Heavyweight Championship!

Part of Brock Lesnar’s success can most certainly be attributed to Paul Heyman, his right hand man and manager who has stood by his side every step of his dominant journey. Negotiating with anyone and everyone but making sure they know the power they are dealing with, Heyman takes no nonsense from anyone, including Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Brock Lesnar’s partnership with Heyman and dominance have been a mainstay since his WWE debut over a decade ago, when Heyman saw the very future that they are now living out on the way.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman have always made a great team.

The Undisputed WWE Champion Brock Lesnar was young, dominant and not afraid to take on the likes of Hulk Hogan, Triple H or anyone who stood in his way. He was truly bringing the pain, and the Mattel WWE Brock Lesnar Here Comes the Pain Ringside Collectibles Exclusive is a perfect representation of this time. Brock was strong, undefeatable in most cases and ready for his future as a rock-solid athlete.

Here Comes the Pain Exclusive Brock Lesnar!

With no signs of stopping his monstrous career, it can be said that Brock Lesnar hit his stride when he was younger and has not stopped.

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Stardust & Goldust Descend Into Madness

It was a shock to everyone when the sad, depressed Cody Rhodes disappeared for good. It was an even bigger shock when he reemerged as Stardust, Goldust’s similarly bizarre, shining younger brother. It seemed Goldust’s strange ways had finally gotten the best of Cody and that after years of trying to break out on his own, he had finally found his place among the stars. The duo were friendly at first and fans were clamoring for more Goldust, more Stardust and a chance for the two to gain the Tag Team Championships. This, of course, would make the team an absolute must as Mattel WWE figures.  Goldust and Stardust team again and become more evil.


While Cody Rhodes and Goldust have appeared in Battle Packs together before, a Stardust Mattel WWE figure has yet to make his way into the cosmos. It would likely feature a smiling, bizarre version of Cody Rhodes with his entire body suit and his name printed on the back. It would fit perfectly with the already released Mattel WWE Elite 29 Goldust, one of the best ever made of the bizarre one:

Mattel WWE Elite 29 Goldust!


With so much detail going into the paint and coloration for the real life Goldust and Stardust, it’s only certain that Mattel would try to capture that bizarre look in their figures perfectly as they have here. A Mattel WWE Stardust would have to have spot on facepaint, dark, red eyes and possibly even stars in both of his hands to make his trademark symbol.

Goldust points his younger brother Stardust in an intense new direction!

Since delivering a brutal attack on The Usos, Stardust and Goldust have taken a turn for the more intense as they look to grab the WWE Tag Team Championships. Once friendly and parlaying for the fans, they are now aggressive and more than likely frightening the young audience members of the WWE Universe. Not since the Ministry of Darkness has a tag team struck such fear into the hearts of fans.

A Mattel WWE Stardust figure will be long awaited by fans!

With Goldust’s veteran presence and Stardust’s youthful stride, the team are a force to be reckoned with and are hopefully here to stay in the WWE. It looks as though Cody Rhodes had to lose his mind to finally capture the hearts and imaginations of the fans, and so far they seem to be ok with it if the desire for a Mattel WWE Stardust figure is any indication!

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Celebrate Hulkamania With New Mattel WWE Hulk Hogan Figures!

Mattel WWE Hulk Hogan wrestling figure!

Mattel WWE Hulk Hogan wrestling figure!

As recently announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2014, Mattel will finally be partnering with Hulk Hogan to release Mattel WWE Hulk Hogan action figures! While the possibilities are endless as to which figures could be released as Hogan has so many different, iconic looks, we were treated to a few of them at Comic-Con. One is an 80′s version of the Hulkster, and another looks to be a modern day version of everyone’s favorite legendary wrestler.

sdcc_2014_mattel_display_102[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_101[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_100[1]

This basic version looks to have a sculpt better reflecting how Hulk Hogan looks now, in all of his years young. With black pants, a red shirt and a prototype sculpt, it’d be perfect for anyone looking for a new General Manager of their wrestling figures. A modern day Hulk Hogan would make many wrestling figure fans thrilled.

sdcc_2014_mattel_display_091[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_035 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_015

The first ever Mattel WWE Elite Hulk Hogan will better reflect one of Hogan’s most popular eras, his time as WWF Champion in the late 80′s. With Elite articulation and a body mold to specifically fit Hulk Hogan like no other, this will also come with the style of WWF Championship belt at the time. It’s the definitive Hulk Hogan for any Hulkamaniacs who grew up in the 80′s.

With the nWo, Hogan’s 2002 WWE return and all of WCW, New Japan and beyond, there are tons of styles and looks that Mattel can produce throughout Hogan’s career. This is just the beginning, and fans should look forward to more Hulk Hogan figures to come in the future.

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The Mattel WWE Display at San Diego Comic-Con 2014! TONS of NEW Images!

sdcc_2014_mattel_display_049[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_050[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_051[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_052[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_053[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_054[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_055[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_056[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_057[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_058[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_059[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_060[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_061[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_062[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_063[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_064[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_065[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_066[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_067[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_068[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_069[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_070[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_071[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_072[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_073[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_074[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_075[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_076[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_077[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_078[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_079[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_081[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_082[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_083[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_084[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_085[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_086[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_087[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_088[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_089[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_090[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_091[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_092[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_093[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_094[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_095[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_096[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_097[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_098[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_099[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_100[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_101[1] sdcc_2014_mattel_display_102[1]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZoRvMVAU1Y

Arguably one of the most eventful San Diego Comic-Con’s ever for the Mattel WWE line, the Mattel WWE display at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 showcased some amazing new wrestling figures and super detailed versions of extremely sought after Legends and Superstars!

- A Mattel WWE Hulk Hogan is now a reality, along with a Mattel WWE Razor Ramon, Mattel WWE Ric Flair and a Mattel WWE Sting! After a surprising reveal, fans got to have a close look at early builds of each on display.

- Showing off the latest Mattel WWE Elite 30, Mattel WWE Elite 31 and Mattel WWE Elite 32 sets, some standouts included the Legion of Doom in new, spot on attire and a Wyatt Family member Daniel Bryan. Also making their way into the display was a Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio and the Lex Express himself, Lex Luger.

- Big Van Vader himself, Vader has made his way back into the Mattel WWE line with an elaborate representation of his helmet and ‘It’s Vader Time’ tights! Also featured was a Mattel WWE Elite Rocky Maivia, the happy version of The Rock before he became the thrilling Superstar he is today.

- Fans have been clamoring for a Mattel WWE Paige figure and Mattel placed one on display just to give them a taste of what is in store! This accurate Paige figure looks as though she could begin screeching at any moment, just like in real life.

See images of the entire display and video above and below!

sdcc_2014_mattel_display_001 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_002 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_003 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_004 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_005 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_006 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_007 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_008 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_009 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_010 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_011 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_012 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_013 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_014 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_015 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_016 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_017 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_018 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_019 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_020 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_021 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_023 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_024 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_025 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_026 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_027 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_028 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_029 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_030 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_031 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_032 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_033 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_034 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_035 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_036 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_037 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_038 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_039 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_040 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_041 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_042 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_043 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_044 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_045 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_046 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_047 sdcc_2014_mattel_display_048