"Sting (NWO Wolfpac)" - WWE Elite Ringside Exclusive

    "Sting (NWO Wolfpac)" - WWE Elite Ringside Exclusive

    WWE Toy Wrestling Action Figure

    Ringside Exclusive!
    Our Price: $49.99
    Ship In Figure Defender - 2015-Style Elite Case (+$4.99)
    Ship In Figure Defender - 2015-Style Elite Case (+$4.99)
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    "Sting (NWO Wolfpac)" - WWE Elite Ringside Exclusive Description

    The nWo Wolfpac is howling once again with this Mattel WWE Ringside Collectibles Sting Exclusive! Sting has a brand new head sculpt with black and red face paint and wears famous red and black 'scorpion' gear with molded pads in the front. The nWo red symbol is in the front and he's wearing red, strapped boots. Scorpions are fully designed on the sides. Sting also has a removable nWo Wolfpac shirt with a red and black wolf in the front. Included as an accessory is Sting's deliverer of justice, his trusty baseball bat. To top it off, the figure comes in collectible, custom nWo red and black Wolfpac packaging! This Ringside Collectibles Exclusive can't be found in any retail stores.

    "Sting (NWO Wolfpac)" - Ringside Collectibles Exclusive WWE Toy Wrestling Action Figure by Mattel!

    At the start of 1998, a fracture formed within the nWo.
    When the original members disbanded, other nWo teams began to form and vied for the attention of Sting.
    In June, in the midst of the main event at Nitro, Sting climbed into the ring, cloaked in his trademark black trench coat.
    The shirt he was wearing underneath the coat would determine which faction he would join.
    Would it be the black and white or the black and red? Sting revealed the shirt... clad in the black and white signature of nWo Hollywood, appearing to have made his decision.
    nWo Hollywood members hugged and celebrated at Sting's revelation, however, he decided to shock the world by pulling off the black and white shirt to reveal a red and black shirt, representing The Wolfpac.
    He was now an official member of nWo Wolfpac and his fellow teammates hit the ring to celebrate with him as Nitro signed off for the night.

    Accessories Include: Black Bat & a removable molded sleeveless N.W.O. Wolfpac Shirt!

    "Sting (NWO Wolfpac)" - WWE Elite Ringside Exclusive Video

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