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WWE Divas - Commemorative Replica Belt

    WWE Divas - Commemorative Replica Belt WWE Replica Wrestling Belt

    Our Price: $149.99

    SKU:  RBELT-037-C

    WWE Divas - Commemorative Replica Belt Description

    WWE Divas Championship - Commemorative Belt is molded from the actual championship belt.
    The commemorative belt plates are made from a high quality acrylic plastic and have the same dimensions of the WWE Divas Championship belt.
    The difference between this commemorative belt and the other replica belts is that the replica belt plates are made out of metal, while the commemorative belts are crafted from plastic plates.
    The Divas Commemorative belt is an exact scale replica that measures 45 inches in length.
    The center medallion measures 9 inches tall by 10 inches wide and has 1 side plate on each side.
    The strap is made out of New and Improved leather and is fastened by snaps on each side.